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E360-B Multi Station (6 Gates with Accessories)

R99,000.00 excl.

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No.AccessoriesE360-AE360-BE360-EE360-FE360-K & G
2Climbing rope:length is 9meter1pc1pc1pc1pc1pc
3small trampline:diameter is 1meter1pc1pc1pc1pc1pc
4Olympic bar:1.8m1pc1pc1pc1pc1pc
5boxing bag net weight:200kg1pc1pc1pc1pc1pc
61 set solid ball/medecine ball:(2kg,3kg,4kg) x1pc1set1set1set1set1set
71 set kettlebell:(4kg,6kg,8kg,10kg,12kg) x1pc1set1set1set1set1set


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